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This story begins back in the winter 1978 when I became reacquainted with my Dad (Bucky Meadows). I found him to be the consummate musician. He chose to live the life of a pauper, never selling out his artistic values. Needless to say, my life experienced a culture shock, that was intriguing and  thrilling as any wide-eyed 19-year-old could ever wish for. I was spending long hours in nightclubs and dancehalls trying to absorb every tiny nuance that this new life had to offer. Along with that, I was…

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Bucky Meadows 

Fastest Fingers in the West

You could write a long and interesting book about Bucky’s life and the gifted people he knew and played music with. He went on the road with Les Paul and Mary Ford when he was 13 years old. He was the poster boy for Gibson Guitars and billed as a child prodigy on the guitar.

Les came to Pedernales Studios to record with Willie in about 1988. We got to spend a couple of days listening to Bucky and Les Paul reminisces about Mary Ford and the road. Bucky played with Les Paul and…

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